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Our VIP 1-1 Dress Appointment Service

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service which is why we go above and beyond for all of our clients, both new and existing. 

We offer you an unhurried, specialist advice and assistance service in choosing the right dress for you, which has been lovingly created and styled to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease. 

Our staff work with you to ensure you look glamours, feel comfortable so you can enjoy your special occasion knowing you feel a million dollars. With over 20 years expericnce in the modelling and fashion industry, we ensure you look and feel like a Goddess. 

From the moment you walk into our boutique, you will be greeted with a smile, have your own personal stylist on hand to help you chose the right colour, fabric and style of dress to flatter your body shape, complimenting you in every way. 

Relax in our exquisite boutique, enjoy a glass of prosecco, take your time looking through our lookbooks or browsing our collection, then head into our beautifully appointed changing room to enjoy the journey of transformation into the butterfly of the night. 

Gissings Boutique provides a bespoke five-star service for a booking fee of £20.00 which non-refundable but is redeemable against your order and purchase.


For more information 0117 4013356.

Gissings Boutique Bookings