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Our Animal Cruelty Free Promise

Here at Gissings Boutique we are a conscious independent brand. That means we only buy products that are vegan and animal cruelty free. We believe in oneness and no life is more important than another. Our brand owner Sian Gissing implemented this policy to ensure that no animals have to give their life or be exposed to cruelty in the name of fashion. 



Our makeup and beauty products or any of our products been tested on animals.

This policy has stood and has been strictly adhered to since the creation and inception of the Gissings Brand in 2011. We currently stock W7 makeup.

The W7 Foundation has been recently formed by their Directors to provide financial assistance to charities that endeavour to support the protection of animals. You can read their full 'Animal Welfare Statement' here. 


The Gissings Boutique Team