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Gissings Philanthropy

Our brands mission is to "Empower Women Through Our Passion for Fashion". We are in the business of making women feel great while looking fabulously unique. We embrace the individuality of all women. We also understand that being in a position of privilege is a luxury that not all women get to experience. Our aim to pay kindness and compassion forward to women and children in need. We have a grassroots mentality, wanting to reach out and uplift women and children directly. We do this by supporting charities that have a directly touch on our clients. 

With each sale our brand makes through our valued clients, we use the profits to reinvest in projects that go towards the positive well-being, positive mental health, education, medical support of women and children. 

Cots for Tots Charity 

Gissings Boutique Cots for Tots Charity St Micheals Hospital

Cots for Tots supports special care babies at St Michael's Hospital, Bristol.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at St Michael's Hospital is the only unit in the South West region offering the highest level of care to critically ill and premature babies from Bristol, the South West region, South Wales and often further afield.

The Unit treats over 700 babies each year, from those born as early as 23 weeks, to babies requiring life-saving treatment and care when they are born at full-term.

Cots for Tots raises money to ensure the Unit is equipped with the latest pioneering medical equipment to help save lives and support the excellent care provided by the clinical teams at the unit.

Cots for Tots also provides support to the Neonatal Emergency Stabilisation and Transfer (NEST) Team. The NEST Team responds to emergency calls regarding critically ill and premature babies born throughout the South West region and South Wales and, once they have been stabilised, transports them by road or air promptly and safely to Bristol’s NICU.

Support is also provided through family accommodation, Cots for Tots House. Accommodation is available for families for free, for as long as they need, removing the burden of finding somewhere to stay and ensuring parents have one less thing to think about and can focus on supporting their baby.


Carbon Neutral Britain ™️

Carbon Neutral Britain Gissings Boutique

We will offset 1.25 Tonnes of CO² every month – the equivalent to your monthly CO² emissions and climate impact – that is everything from your daily transport, to flights, purchases, food consumption, waste, energy usage and more! 

Lifestyle choices and what we do are very important to our carbon footprint and emissions - but in many cases the impact on your overall emissions are less than you think. Lifestyle changes such living a meat free diet, changing your travel methods, buying sustainable and eco-friendly products and looking at your energy usage and provider add up to removing around 1-3 Tonnes of CO² emissions per year. 
By Carbon Offsetting, we will make a bigger difference, in an affordable way with our subscription each month.  Over a year, we will offset 15 Tonnes of CO² - just over the average British Persons emissions per year – making our total footprint Carbon Neutral.

Tree Planting

As part of our subscription, we will also plant 20 trees every month in sustainable projects around the world. Over a year, we will plant 240 trees – which is the equivalent to 1 acre of Amazon Reforestation.

Carbon Neutral Britain is the only Non-Governmental Organisation in the UK who have an equal focus on tree planting and carbon offsetting projects as they believe trees are vital in helping our planet, wildlife and ecosystems.

for more information on how you can help, please visit https://carbonneutralbritain.org


Our Projects: 

March 2021 - Mothers Day Gift Bags for NICU Mummies at St. Michael's Hospital - Bristol 

We had the pleasure of purchasing and suppling 31 Mothers Day Gift Bags to the beautiful, brave and courageous new mummies on the NICU ward. We wanted to make them feel special on their special day. The concept derived from our CEO Sian who spent 6 days on the NICU ward with her 4th baby, Frasier-Fox George in September 2020. Sian was so touched and in awe of the other mothers courage and devotion to helping their babies, that she wanted to use her brand to give back and make the mummies feel special and appreciated. 

Gissings Boutique Cots for Tots Charity St Micheals Hospital Gissings Boutique Cots for Tots Charity St Micheals Hospital Gissings Boutique Cots for Tots Charity St Micheals Hospital Gissings Boutique Cots for Tots Charity St Micheals Hospital

March 2021 - Gissings Boutique Virtual Shopping Event (online)

We created an online shopping event for all our loyal VIP clients to showcase our new range of Mothers Day gifts. We donated the proceeds of the ticket sales to Cots for Tots charity along with donating a percentage of the sales. We raised £570.00. Thank you to everyone who supported us. 

Gissings Boutique Mothers Day Cots for Tots Charity


December 2020 - Gissings Christmas Jumper Campaign  

We stocked some rather fabulous Christmas jumpers in our boutique and ran a social media competition. We donated £5.00 from every purchase to Cots for Tots. We raised £127.00. Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign.  

Gissings Boutique Cots for Tots Charity St Micheals Hospital Gissings Boutique Cots for Tots Charity St Micheals Hospital NICU WARD