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Prom Rearranged? Enjoy Your Prom At Home

Prom Rearranged? Enjoy Your Prom At Home


With what would be Prom Season, here at Gissings Boutique, the luxury Prom Dress Boutique as featured in Vogue. We are saddened to hear stories of our beautiful clients having to have their Prom's rearranged in the best case scenarios and worst case, their Prom has been cancelled

As the most important time of your life as a young lady, the first time you'll enjoy the experience of shopping for the perfect gown, getting pampered with your spray tans, organising your makeup artistic and hair stylist, to have it all stopped by COVID-19 must be heartbreaking. To have all your hard work of studies and celebrations of the completion of secondary school, cancelled. Well, it's a sad time indeed. 

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel for all you beautiful girls who have the perfect prom dress and nowhere to go. What we are seeing now is the rising of the super parents and teachers who are organising their own Prom Parties at home for their Prom students. Giving you the perfect opportunity to have your Cinderella moment.

Some schools in UK have delayed their Proms until later on in the year which seems a fair and sensible solution.   

Here at Gissings Boutique we have supported all our Prom Girls who purchased their Prom Dresses with us by holding their dresses on account interest free. We have provided in house bespoke alterations and fittings to be rearrange for later on in the year. We are keeping our clients dresses safe, ready for collection later on in the year. Giving a five star service to our clients is our number 1 priority. We are so pleased to see that our service has kept our clients happy and feel supported. 

If you have had your Prom cancelled, then you can create your 'Prom At Home' event by gathering your friends and hosting your very own Prom in the comfort of your home. Invite your girlfriends over, get your glam squad to come out to you, get ready together. Create your best playlist. Ask your parents to have refreshments at the ready. Enjoy your Cinderella moment. Take plenty of selfies and tag in your friends. You can also tag us in too as we'd love to see how your Prom At Home event turned out and see you all in your gorgeous dresses. 

Being positive in a time of uncertainly is the key to happiness. Just because something has cancelled or rearranged does not mean you can not celebrate yourself and all you have achieved with your friends. We create our own reality, so make it happen and ask those that love you to help you enjoy your perfect Prom At Home event. 

If you would more like suggestions, then please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you. Also be proactive in speaking your parents and school event organisers to see if they can help support you in your event organising. Remember that when you are a Gissings Goddess, everything is possible. Where is a will there is a way. 

We hope you have enjoyed our blog and it's given you hope that you can still enjoy your special day. 

Congratulations on your graduation, here's to your next chapter. 

Love & Light

Sian xxx

Gissings Boutique Director & Original Gissings Goddess