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How to Choose the Perfect Prom Dress

How to Choose the Perfect Prom Dress

2019 is here, it's January which is the perfect time to start planning for Prom Season. For many girls, attending their school Prom is the highlight of their academic journey. Five years of dreaming about their perfect moment to shine and sparkle. Daydreaming about what their prom dress with look like? Who is going to be their ideal prom date? The hair, the makeup, accessories... It's a wonderful world of possibilities. So you can imagine the moment they enter into their final year, it's not surprising that one of the first thoughts is going to be their Prom. 

I remember my Prom, I was popular enough at school to feel happy and content. I remember thinking what was I going to wear? I wanted to be different. I still had braces so I definitely didn't feel at my most confident but was willing to do my best.  It was 2001, so the fashion trend at the time was short and tight fitting clothing as the Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Christina Aguleria is where most girls took their fashion inspiration from. I was determined to have my Cinderella moment. To wear something elegant, classic and timeless. At the tender age of 15, my figure was still boyish, no real curves, no bust to be proud of. ( I do remember being referred too as an ironing board by the opposite sex on the odd occasion). I had a huge task on my hand to look like a lady when in reality I was still so young. 

As I started my search for the perfect prom dress, one of the first key points I realised, is that I needed a boutique that specialised in evening dresses and prom wear. I was not going to find what I needed and desired on the high street. No Topshop, Tammy/Etam old-school shop for teenage girls) no C&A or Debenhams for me. Mainly out of fear of turning up at my Prom and someone else is wearing my dream dress. I knew I had to find a specialist, my very own fairy godmother. 

This is a concept that stands as true today as it did back seventeen years ago. The first stage of finding your perfect Prom Dress is to find a boutique that is a specialist in Prom and Evening Gowns. The reason this is so important is all about the fit, and feeling special. Your Prom is the first opportunity for you to embrace your inner princess and have your Cinderella moment. Your moment of independence. The first time you get to walk into a room, all eyes be on you so you feel special and look sensational. You're going to want everything to be perfect. 

Having the right boutique to help you find your perfect Prom Dress begins with building up the rapport with a customer assistant. Just like having your own fairy godmother, she has to understand your needs, your wants and desires for how you want to look and feel at your Prom. This is your moment, therefore it's your say. 

For every Prom girl that is booked in with our VIP 1-1 Personal Stylist Service, feels special. From the moment she arrives, she has exclusivity of our boutique, she is the centre of attention. From a glass of non-alcoholic pink bubbles in a champagne glass to having full access to all the dresses in our boutique to ensure she understands what suits her body shape and colouring. We take care of all your alteration needs and requirements, we can offer you the very best in beauty treatments, hair and makeup for your Prom as we have the very health and beauty partners that are tried and trusted by us personally, ensuring that you feel pampered, polished and perfect. Going above and beyond for you what makes us happy. 

Planning is the key to finding your perfect Prom Dress. Being open-minded to try on as many gowns as it takes until you have that 'this is it' moment. Trusting that you will know when you have found 'the one'. 

Above all, Prom Dress shopping should be fun and exciting, it's a journey that will pass very quickly to ensure you enjoy the process. To help you, here are our top tips for choosing your Prom Dress. 

Gissings Boutique's Top Tips for Prom Dress Shopping 

1. Think about your venue, the date of your prom -  as you want a gown that is suitable and in keeping with the theme of the event. 

2. Colours - what colours do you feel most confident in? Make a note to take along to your appointment. 

3. Size - having a true understanding of what size you are is key to your prom dress fitting perfectly. A professional boutique will be able to take your measurements for you should you require them. It is normal to be between sizes, so it is always best to go up a size have custom alterations done as your gown will look elegant and bespoke. Plus you will feel more comfortable and confident by not feeling the dress being too tight. It's all about the fit not size. (Top Model Tip). 

4. Shoes - When you go Prom Dress shopping, if you have your shoes and accessories already then take them to your appointment with you, so you can see how they work with the dress. Plus having your own shoes ensures you have ideal height, should you need any alterations. 

5. Make sure you are in great company - take along someone you trust and makes you feel positive, confident and happy. Dress shopping can be a little daunting if you are not used to being in a changing room, getting dressed and undressed, so ensure you have someone who makes you feel amazing and can also give you good, positive feedback. 

How To Choose Your Perfect Prom Dress by Gissings Boutique