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'Independent Retailer Month' - My 3 Reasons To Shop Local

'Independent Retailer Month' - My 3 Reasons To Shop Local

Gissings Boutique Owner Sian Gissing McMeel Hello, Sian here. Thanks to Veeo, and the very attractive retail marketing calendar I have in my diary, I see that July represents 'Independent Retailer Month' and to celebrate, here at Gissings Boutique I want to share the three reasons why I am proud to be an Independent Retailer. It was a dream of mine to start my own business, mainly to have the freedom to be mother, wife, friend and #BossLady whenever it suited me. Enjoying that simple fact I created the perfect balance between working and family life. No one telling me what to do, no power hierarchy to control my creative passion or stifle my passionate spirit. I have the luxury of being my own women, my own boss. Calling the shots creatively on a daily basis, ensuring I can be the very best for my clients without the limitations. Something, I feel is imperative when you are a Goddess, having your voice heard, understood and to be able to live out your creative passions helps you feel alive. It's that passion and sense of purpose that makes us all unique and beautiful

Being an owner of an independent ladies dress boutique also allows me to meet new and exciting women and sharing my brand with them, seeing the results of each client feeling beautiful from within and owning your style so you sparkle at your special occasion event, just fills me with pride. 

To keep the momentum of this joyous feeling while celebrating Independent retailer month, I have composed three positive reasons why shopping local is important and a mutually beneficial relationship between client and store owner. 

  1. Supporting Dreams & Goals 

There is something special about being able to help others in life. When we can have the opportunity to help support someone's goals and help them achieve their dreams is a pleasure that we all have the chance of participating in. Whether it's supporting an artist by going to their concerts, downloading their music, to a local charity where you purchase a cupcake in support of helping them raise funds. We all show acts of kindness in many ways each day. Supporting an independent retailer is of the same concept. You want to look and feel special while knowing you are valued as a customer. That your hard-working money is going directly to a good cause, that you are making a real difference with each transaction. Buying local, allows store owners to live out their dreams, while making you, the customer happy. A win-win for both customer and store owner. Supporting local independent retailers keeps those doors open, and the dreams alive. A cycle of happiness for all.

2. Keeping Social Interactions Alive

As much as I feel there are many positives to the wonderful world wide web, there is no better feeling than interaction with face to face customers. Being able to meet and greet customers on a personal level is a core value to my brand. Asking 'How are you today?', 'Can I help you?' or 'Are you looking for anything in particular?' are all questions that can lead to some fantastic conversations with wonderful women in my boutique. What is clear is when women communicate, they share their stories and in doing so, we connect, we bond and we bridge the gap of insecurity, fear of aging and not feeling valued as a woman. Gissings Boutique definitely has created a customer community based on positive body image, self-love and joy of being able to have fun with fashion again whatever your size and age. This has only been possible because our clients can come into our boutique, enjoy coffee or bubbles, feel unhurried, relaxed and at ease. Having a friendly face, who respects, value and understands your needs, is almost lost on the high street within big chain stores, but is alive and thriving within independent retailers. So when you next go shopping or walk around your local town or village, just pop in and say hello to your local independent retailers. I know they will love seeing you and being updated on your latest stories. 

3. Small But Mighty Powerful - Bigger Is Not Always Best 

It's not the size that counts, in fact, shopping in a small, quaint boutique that has a relaxed feel about it can be very charming. Whereas, shopping in a large department store of big chain stores can feel clinical, intimidating and put you off with too much choice. Having friendly, personable staff is much more inviting then staff who won't' even say hello, do not want to help because they do not get paid enough and feel undervalued... this mentality, it's killing the high street. This is where independent retailers are thriving, they understand the core value of making customers feel valued. A small act of kindness and proactive thought such as opening the door for someone, asking if they would like a cold drink in the hot summer weather. It's a positive feeling you are implementing and will be remembered. One of the biggest comments  I get is how lovely my boutique is because I have turned a small space into a fresh, inviting environment. The dresses are showcased like pieces of art, clearly seen and on show, to be adored. Less is definitely more when you are wanting to attract customers. They want to see what you do with ease. 

Thank you for reading, until next time, 


Mrs Sian Gissing-McMeel 
Director at Gissings Boutique 
@GissingsBoutique - @SianGissingMcMeel