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How to Find The Perfect Pageant Gown to Suit Your Body Shape

How to Find The Perfect Pageant Gown to Suit Your Body Shape

Finding a pageant gown can be a minefield. It can cause stress and anxiety trying to think of the perfect style and colour for your pageant. I certainly felt stressed during my pageant years when I was part of Miss England as a finalist representing my home town of Grimsby. I had won Miss Grimsby 2008 and the pressure was on to find the perfect gown. 

Now times where very different back in those days and there certainly has been a huge shift in style, mainly with judges wanting to see more chic and elegant style to showcase the beauty queens figure. 

As a previous beauty pageant organiser and judge I have seen many beauty queen contestant gowns. Some have been spectacular and some less so. 

So I am here to give you my 20 years of fashion and modeling knowledge to help you feel empowered to choose the right pageant gown. 

Firstly things first, you have to accept reality and where you are in terms of who you are and what your look is all about. It will not do you any favours thinking you can change your body shape dramatically before your pageant. It is not healthy for your mind, body or spirit to put yourself under so much pressure to be stick thin, taller, have a bigger/smaller bust etc. It is really important to accept yourself as you are and how you are in this very moment. As that is your UNIQUE gift. Nobody else no other contestant can be you. So embrace who you are and work with it. Own it. Be proud of you. That is the Gissings Goddess way. Be unapologetically you. 

Now we have come to a place of acceptance, we can work with what we have. The great news is there is a pageant gown to suit all five different body shapes. No matter your size, your body fits into one of the five body shapes. Those shapes are rectangle, triangle, hourglass, inverted triangle and round. 

Gissings Boutique Pageant Gown Body Shape

When girls come into my boutique the very first thing I notice is their body shape. I do not see size. In fact size does not come into me helping my clients. I see the body, the hair and colour tone. From there we start to work through which style will suit their body. Here are my tips of gown styles for each body shape. 

Rectangle Body Shape

This body shape has lots of straight lines and angles so we need to create the illusion of curves. That means choose dresses that have detailing around the waist, such as a crystal band or draping. Necklines can be a deep v to create softness to the bust line. Halter Neck styles are a winner too. Think Grecian Goddess and you are there. Lovely silks, chiffons or satin fabrics will work wonders to give your body that softness and curves. 

Gissings Boutique How To Choose Pageant Gown

Triangle/Pear Body Shape

This body shape is all about minimising the bottom half and maximising the top half. If you have a curvaceous bottom and smaller bust then this body shape is yours and you are in great company with J.Lo, Rhianna and Beyonce. Gowns that are plain from the waist down are ideal. Meaning no ruffles, no slits, no beading, no double layered fabrics, just plain simple bold fabric with all the embellishment long the neck line. As we need all the judges focus to be at the top half of your body. Stick to bold colours. 

Gissings Boutique Find The Perfect Pageant Gown

Hourglass Body Shape 

The hourglass body shape is big bust smaller waist and big bottom. This shape requires a gown that maximises the waist and curves. Be careful on the neckline, as you can look too top heavy with the wrong dress. So keep to bardot necklines, or strapless in a sweetheart style. Choose styles such as mermaid or fishtail style gowns to showcase your beautiful body. 

Gissings Boutique how to find the perfect pageant gown

Inverted Body Shape 

This body shapes requires you to choose a gown that has all the drama at the bottom half of the gown while the top half is simple and chic. You are in the company of Naomi Campbell and Renee Zellweger so you are very lucky. You can have slits, ruffles, layers on the skirt of your gown and you will certainly be the queen of the night. 

 Gissings Boutique how to choose the perfect pageant gown


Round/Apple Body Shape 

This body shape is where you have lovely slim arms and legs with small bust and bottom with no waist like Meghan Markle, Catherine Zeta Jones and Rebel Wilson. You want to choose a gown that really makes the most of your great arms and legs so sleeves, slits, deep v-necklines, halter necks would be great. Choose fabric that really wows the judges like a patterned gown with lots of embellishments or prints. You will certainly stand out. 

Gissings Boutique How to find the perfect pageant gown

Now you have an idea out your body shape it's time to do your research online. Start to look at celebrities who dress at awards, what gowns do they were and find your inspirations. 

Once you have a more focused idea of what you are looking for, the next step is to ask your pageant organiser for some advice in terms of any themes or colours they are looking their pageant girls to stick too. A lot of judges and organiser will know what they want their winning beauty pageant queen to wear. Most of the time they are looking for something that photographs against their catwalk well and is chic. So do not wear red is the catwalk is red. Do not wear black as the lights won't bounce back off you. Black is not for catwalks or heavily lit shows. A little tip for you there. 

Finally find yourself a great boutique that will help you find your perfect gown. You need to find someone who has lots of experience not in selling gowns but in understanding the pageant industry and who can connect you to a great seamstress for final alterations and help you find the perfect accessories to compliment your gown. 

At Gissings Boutique we go above and beyond for our pageant girls and we create winners because we know how to pick the perfect pageant gown.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Should you wish to ask any questions or want any help choosing your gown then please book in for a complimentary VIP 1-1 Personal Stylist Video call by emailing us at info@gissingsboutique.com or clicking 'BOOK NOW'

We are also giving each reader 10% OFF any pageant gown order from Gissings Boutique. Just email us your name and pageant name and shall send your exclusive discount code. 

Thank you for reading. 

Love & light

Sian xxx